• Journal Stream FAQ's
  • 1. What is the purpose of the Journal Stream?

    Dragonize hosts the JournalStream primarily to help our You'sers apply certain steps of the Goal Process. It is a social media styled sector where You'sers can post their thoughts, ideas, goals, progress, and achievements. All of those require the use of seeking help, seeking information, giving help, and giving information. 

  • 2. Do you monitor and sensor the JournalStream?

    Yes, and no. Note that Dragonize is a Publishing company and does reserve the right to promote or delete the content as we deem to the scope of our business. Our ambition is to encourage our You'sers to be Goal-Oriented and build their personal esteem.

    It is not the Dragonize agenda to vet or oversee every post created by every You'ser. Dragonize.Org does not have any filtering codes that will emphasize one account over another. While the system does have the technology behind it to seek keywords, limit keywords, or disallow particular words, we do not implement this technology on our You'sers. We believe that people are capable of censoring their own feed as to who they will see and who they will block.

    A reporting system is in place for You'ser to report other posts that clearly require Admin intervention. If a post receives a predetermined number of Reports against it, Admins will be notified to oversee the content of that post. Admin will then determine the proper action for that post, that You'ser, and reporting You'sers. Admin may elect to pose actions against Malicious Reporters, as is prevalent within Social Media forums. 

    Dragonize much prefers to encourage You'sers to be particular on who they accept a friend request from to avoid receiving distasteful content and to be more willing to utilize the blocking features as necessary if their personal preferences have been breached with another You'sers conduct. Our staff certainly has better things to do which will promote progress than to render disciplining judgments. So, if Admin is going to be required to look into reports, the judgment will be quickly and permanently dealt with. According to the Goal Process, we attempt to solve problems permanently. 

  • 3. How do I search for my Friends?

    The JournalStream will certainly remain boring if you are the only one in your own feed. Seek out your friends to make it interactive. To do so, navigate to the first part of the SocialStream where you can make a post. Above that is the JournalStream Menu which has an icon of a magnifying glass. 


    1. Click on the Magnifying Glass and as box will appear where you can start typing the You'ser Name of a friend.

    2. As you start typing the screen will start to filter your search and provide a few options. The more you type the more refined your search becomes until you can identify your Friend.

    3. Click on the option that is your Friend and you will be taken to that profile page. 


    Izeneyes! Send them a friend request or follow their page. 

  • 4. Should I name my primary account You'ser Name for my business?

    Your You'ser Name is what others on the site will know you as. Can you put your business name as your You'ser Name?  In fact, you can if you wish. There are no stipulations on whether your main account can be used for business.

    However, it is our recommendation that the primary account is a personal You'ser Name that identifies you differently than your business. Take the time to create a Page for your business. This will separate all your personal and business away from each other. There are several advantages a Page for your business is better. First, you can create other moderators to help you control the page. No one but you can control your personal. The business Page can have a business number separate from your personal, and it allows other You'sers to rate your business. 

    We like the Rating system to benefit business operators' identity areas they may improve due to the feedback. 

  • 5. How secure is Dragonize.Org

    Security is certainly a major forethought to taking care of our You'sers. While the technology for security will always have a vulnerability in the balance of quick access vs. secure access, a culprit devious and ambitious enough may still work their way around such protocols. Dragonize takes the necessary steps to make hacking a challenge for even the most advanced hackers. 

    1) Drgonize.Org uses all HTTPS data transfer inquiries. This is a standard requirement for many browsers these days as it has been proven more secure. Many browsers will take you to a warning page if a site is not HTTPS. HTTPS is much more secure than HTTP. When you connect to an HTTPS-secured server—secure sites automatically redirect you to HTTPS—your web browser checks the website’s security certificate and verifies it was issued by a legitimate certificate authority.

    2) Index Robots are not allowed at any level of Dragonize.Org. Every site has options for allowing external, or 3rd party, searching engines to tour around areas of database information so it can find, record, and distribute that information to people searching for specific content through that 3rd party search operator. Robots do enable the ability for other sources to track and monitor our You'sers in ways that we don't even monitor our You'sers. While this does limit potential reach from outside of the Dragonize.Org shell, it certainly is valuable to your privacy.

    3) Very little caching and cookie data is enabled. Caching is the process in which your browser "remembers" certain criteria from a page download so it doesn't have to access the identical data numerous times. Dragonize.Org has so many facets to it, the content to retrieve is different every time. A cookie is a small file stored within your device to serve primarily the same purpose, just a different way. While these features make improved delivery performance, they also create weak spots of security if your personal device is compromised. Therefore, the primary items cached are the logo, menus, and template settings. 

    4) All Journal Streams queries and profile settings are set to respect your personal privacy. When you create your Drgonize.Org account, make sure all your personal preferences are initially set. Certain data you can make public, to friends only, or, to yourself only. Our programming is to keep your preferences set for your comfort at all times. With that said, we cannot control what other You'sers post about you in their JournalStream. To keep your reputation protected, work accordingly with others to represent yourself in a manner your reputation is not questioned.

    5) Your own password. The one thing Dragonize.Org can not protect against is if a You'ser tells, or somewhat compromises, their own login credentials to others. Not all data breaches are because of hacking, but the poor judgment by the information holder. If all protocols are cleared, the system allows access. We are all human and make horrible choices at times. Learn to protect your information before it becomes a setback to you.


    The Goal Process teaches to protect your time, your money, your resources, and your priorities. Found in the section of "Protecting Against Pirates."