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Welcome to Dragonize.Org, the internet home of the Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc, aka Dragonize Organization. The Dragonize Organization's mission statement is helping people to Believe Greatly in order for them to Achieve Greatly. Dragonize employs three venues to do so, each based on the Goal Process; 1) The Dragonize Syndicate, mailed into people's homes every month. 2) Dragonize.Org to help businesses and people connect and progress together. And, 3) Live Journey's Events. Live motivational events for people to attend and businesses to sponsor helping everyone to improve. 


Now, with 30 years of coaching, Morris Anderson promotes his Goal Process course here on the web and through our Dragonize Syndicate. The Goal Process has evolved over the past 20 years as he would write monthly newsletters for the families who attended his gymnastics facility. Several years into operating the venture a parent brought every single newsletter and article Morris had written to date, "You could write an entire self-help book if you compiled all the information from your newsletters."  

From there, the Goal Process began under the title "Rebelutionizing the World." For many years, the first book Morris published was provided only for his gymnasts and their families. Over more years to follow, more lessons from the coaching life were added and the Goal Process was analyzed and updated on an annual basis. 



Dragonize Studio's Institute, Inc is currently selling Common Stock shares at $0.50 per share through Regulation A. This capital goes directly to acquiring a Corporate headquarters, increasing the Dragonize Syndicate Circulation with new Area Factotums representing the Corporation in their local communities. 


Dragonize.Org Philosophy Emphasis:

  • Dragonize.Org & Syndicate proudly support the Constitution of the United States of America. Only through the freedoms supported by the Constitution is a social media site able to host such a business model. 
  • Dragonize will NEVER sell your data. Your account does not come with a price tag to be issued to a 3rd Party entities. Dragonize.Org is honored to have your trust, and we intend to keep your trust by NOT selling your data, information, or content.
  • Dragonize.Org is GDPR Compliant Site-Wide: Even though the US doesn't impose GDPR laws (as of yet), our site does support the function for your purposes. We Believe the People have the right to delete and remove all their content from our system as they deem. This stems across the entire Dragonize.Org site, not just a few geographical areas because it is forced by certain local laws. 
  • YOU see who YOU choose to follow: When you follow a person or a group, you will see their posts unfiltered. No additional tracking algorithms are applied to Dragonize.Org. When other YOU'ser's follow you and your groups, they will see your posts in their streams. No limiting, delaying, prioritizing, or discriminating algorithms will be instituted which would hamper, alter, change, or redirect what you wish to see. (All posts must be kept within the bounds of the law and may be flagged for violations). Therefore, we do not impose any bias content restrictions as long as your content remains legal as stated by the laws and our content guidelines.
  • You Filter your own viewing preferences. Choose how you want to see your stream with a default setting. Set your own default so it loads the same way EVERY time you log in.

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The Dragonize Organization is here to assist our YOU'sers to Believe Greatly and Achieve Greatly.


Dragonize Syndicate Publications:

The Dragonize Organization is in the process of increasing the local distributions of the Dragonize Syndicate by hiring and training new "Factotums" across the United States to create and deliver their local flavor of our Syndicate platform to their neighbors. Every month, bringing motivation, inspiration, and the Goal Process into mailboxes. During the year of 2020, Dragonize is aiming to bring 100 new Factotums online. 



Morris Anderson
Author and creator of the Goal Process, chairman of the board for Dragonize Studio's & Institute, Inc. An ambitious Entrepreneur in the modern day with a journey to help people have a more fulfilling life with the pursuit of their goals. Believe Greatly, Achieve Greatly.