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 Make Residual Income

 If you enjoy writing your thoughts, getting to know local business owners, and finding top notch people in your community, then you want to start your Dragonize Syndicate Franchise. It's time to become part of the next big inspiration to hit America and every single Zip Code.

Become a Franchisee 

  The Franchise Process:

 1) Receive the monthly template from the Dragonize Corporate, ready for your local articles and advertisers.
2) Write your monthly Franchisee Column page.
3) Create your local "Spotlight" page after taking pictures and getting their adventures behind their personal story.
4) Contact local small businesses to distribute their service and products within your Zip Codes to 5,000 households.

Download Franchise Packet 

 The Benefits of a Dragonize Syndicate Franchise:
 Simple process to follow every month.
     Begin making Residual Income; a consistent monthly flow of money.
     Start Part-Time, or go Full Time with multiple Zip Code Territories.
     No inventory. No worries of theft or damaged goods. no customer returns.
     Low Startup costs. You most likely already own or have access to everything required to run your business.
     Your Zip Code Territories are protected.
     Your pages are delivered to 5,000 Households every month.


What does it cost to get started?
Low Start-Up Costs of about $2,000 + $500 per Zip Code you secure to grow your business. If you have a Computer, Internet connection, a phone connection, and ambition, you may have exactly what you need already to get started. Lowest cost Franchise system with great residual potentials.


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